Disclosures regarding compliance with the statutory quotas for women and men on the Supervisory Board

In accordance with the Law for the equal participation of women and men in managerial positions in the private and public sectors (law on the quota for women), the Supervisory Board of DEUTZ AG must have at least four female members and four male members after the elections scheduled for 2018, if not before.

At the time this law came into effect on 1 January 2016, the Supervisory Board of DEUTZ AG comprised eleven men and one woman. Since 1 June 2016, following the appointment of Ms Füssel to succeed Mr Paust, it has had ten male members and two female members.

As both women are employee representatives, and the Supervisory Board decided that the minimum quota has to be met separately for shareholder and employee representatives, the employee representatives are already in compliance with the statutory quota.

This is not currently the case for the shareholder representatives, as it has not been necessary to appoint new shareholder representatives to the Supervisory Board since the law on the quota for women came into effect.