Social responsibility

Product responsibility is a cornerstone of our commitment to act as a good corporate citizen.

Product responsibility

Because of the materiality of DEUTZ AG as the executive parent and production company, there is currently no overarching system that monitors product responsibility in the Group as a whole. Our reporting therefore focuses on product responsibility at DEUTZ AG. The local senior management teams regularly report on relevant matters to DEUTZ AG’s management.

Product-related KPIs at DEUTZ AG relate to the following metrics:

  • Targets concerning durability
  • Targets concerning delivery quality (zero-hour defects)
  • Targets concerning field quality (field defects)
  • Targets concerning the speed at which defects are fixed
  • Delivery reliability of engines
  • Full compliance with machinery directives such as RoHS and REACH
  • Certification to EU Stage V, the latest exhaust emissions standard

DEUTZ AG carries out audits on the basis of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, VDA 6.3, the German Occupational Safety Act and REACH. DEUTZ Spain carries out audits in line with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 and Torqeedo to ISO 9001.

Foundation laid for high quality

At DEUTZ AG, consistent high quality is maintained by means of certification to ISO 9001. A weekly quality report featuring KPIs keeps the senior management team up to date with the current status of target attainment. Where shortfalls are identified, an action plan is drawn up at quality meetings and subsequently implemented within the Company in order to meet the targets.

Product-related targets, with a particular focus on durability and field quality, are taken into account early on in the product development process when the product specifications are defined.

Initial successes documented

DEUTZ AG plans to further raise the level of customer satisfaction by reducing zero-hour defects. It has also increased the speed at which field problems are resolved and successfully commenced certification of its product range in accordance with EU Stage V.

Every year, Torqeedo launches new products with the aim of continually improving its market position.

For information on Torqeedo’s new products, patents and awards, see the Innovations section.