Production and Logistics

In production and logistics, the main areas of focus in 2017 were product quality, process quality and efficiency. We also initiated, and in some cases successfully completed, a number of measures as planned as part of efforts to optimise our network of sites.

The Cologne plants, Germany

Following the consolidation of our sites in Cologne, which included closing the plant in Cologne-Deutz, we have brought the organisational units relating to production in Cologne under a single management team so as to further increase our efficiency. Our new shaft centre in Cologne-Porz was officially opened on 6 April 2017. Last year, we initiated various steps aimed at improving quality at our largest site, Cologne-Porz. This included optimising and renewing the painting robots and application equipment in the painting area as well as increasing the quality checks throughout the assembly process. New packaging equipment incorporating video documentation was implemented in the logistics processes in order to ensure the quality of goods on delivery. A DEUTZ production system learning factory was established to provide standardised skills training for our employees; training on specific topics is offered regularly using ‘learning islands’. Preparations for handling the new gas engines and the 2.2 series in the assembly, test rig and logistics departments are well under way.

At our centre of excellence for add-on components in Herschbach, the central washing and preservation facility was completely renewed last year in order to comply with quality requirements.

The plants in Ulm and Übersee on Lake Chiemsee, Germany

The relocation of the removal, inspection and reconditioning of Xchange engines from the plant in Übersee on Lake Chiemsee to the Ulm plant was completed on schedule in June 2017. Revenue and unit sales of the exchange engines increased, even during the relocation phase. Once everything had been relocated, the Übersee plant was decommissioned. This was the final step in optimising the network of sites in Germany.

In 2017, preparations were made at the Ulm plant for the creation of bespoke applications for the new heavy-duty engines under the alliance with Liebherr. This was the next step in the expansion of the Ulm site, which is evolving into the plant for small production runs, focusing on DCS products, project business, exchange engines and models that are soon to be discontinued.

The Zafra plant, Spain

Our plant in Zafra produces the crankcases for engines of up to 4 litres in addition to the other major engine components already manufactured there, namely cylinder heads, conrods and gearwheels. Capacity was increased in 2017 – by 30 per cent for crankcases.

The Pendergrass plant, USA

Due to the strong growth in the volume of Xchange business in the United States, we invested further in increasing productivity and output at our plant in Pendergrass, Georgia/USA.