Flexible headcount adjustment

In view of the planned increase in production, we anticipate that we will continue to need additional workers. We intend to further increase the proportion of flexible contracts, whether fixed-term or temporary, while complying with the provisions of the German Labour Leasing Act (AÜG). As we operate in a cyclical industry, this is the best way that we can respond to fluctuations in our demand for employees.


This management report includes certain statements about future events and developments, together with disclosures and estimates provided by the Company. Such forward-looking statements include known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may mean that the actual performances, developments and results in the Company or those in sectors important to the Company are significantly different (especially from a negative point of view) from those expressly or implicitly assumed in these statements. The Board of Management cannot therefore make any guarantees with regard to the forward-looking statements made in this management report.